Children Maison is proud to carry an array of stylish, European made children’s clothing. For your convenience and to ensure a successful purchase, we have put together a size chart to make finding the perfect size clothing for your child both simple and fun.
To find the right size for your order, take a brief look at the chart shown below. Based on your child’s height, find the corresponding European size.



Height (cm)

Height (inches)

0-3 m

up to 62

up to 24.5

3-6 m

up to 68

up to 26.5

6-12 m

up to 80

up to 31

1 year

up to 92

up to 36

2 years

up to 98

up to 38.5

3 years

up to 104

up to 41

4 years

up to 110

up to 43.5

5 years

up to 116

up to 45.5

6 years

up to 122

up to 48

7 years

up to 128

up to 50.5

8 years

up to 134

up to 53

9 years

up to 140

up to 55

10 years

up to 146

up to 57.5

*Please use the above measurements as a general guide for all CHILDREN MAISON styles. If you need any help please contact us